You're the pilot - consider us ground control.

Planet Hatch is Fredericton’s entrepreneurial hub, where startups are connected to the best resources in order to help them soar. We focus on providing mentorship, targeted programming, and networking for startups in all sectors. Our collaborative state-of-the-art space is ideal for companies who are searching for inspiration, collaboration, and Java Moose coffee!

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  • Accelerate

    Entering the startup world can be overwhelming... but it doesn’t have to be! Our goal is to guide you to the right resources, programs, and mentors so that you are accelerated into the business world!

  • Collide

    Meeting new people, discussing ideas, and collaborating on projects is easy at Planet Hatch! We are home to companies from a wide variety of sectors, which means unique opportunities are always presenting themselves.

  • Fuse

    Planet Hatch fuses resources and mentors to give you the best tools and programming! Between community members and our partners, we can provide the means to get your startup off the ground.

  • 35+


  • 20+


  • 3-5x

    Events per month

  • 100%

    Free Coffee


Lisa Kinney

Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator

Lisa Kinney is a Chicago-born, green-living enthusiast, that brings over 9 years of experience in executive education management with the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia.

She supports our startups through coordinating training workshops and information sessions, maintaining a collaborative work environment, and ensuring strong connections with the greater business community!

Lisa’s passion for meeting new people, planning the flawless event, and setting clients up for success makes her the perfect fit. Though she loves her hometown, she’s become rather fond of the East Coast and our way of living, breathing, and inspiring entrepreneurship!

In her past time, Lisa is an aspiring golfer who likes to indulge in authentic, ethnic-vegetarian cuisines!

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