Startup Visa Program

Canada’s New Startup Visa, Available Through Planet Hatch, Will Help to Attract Top Entrepreneurial Talent

Canada has a new strategy to encourage business development and growth. It involves giving talented immigrant entrepreneurs and their team the ability to get startup visas to start their businesses here and gain permanent residency. This new program will attract the brightest entrepreneurs to Canada, and depending on the type of startup visa that they gain, give them certain opportunities to launch, promote, and grow their business.


There are three streams of Startup Visas (Venture Capital, Angel Investor, & Business Accelerator or Incubator) with Planet Hatch offering the Business Accelerator or Incubator stream. Each type of Startup Visa allows you to receive permanent residency for up to five founders and their families. There is no investment needed in this stream; however, applicants must be accepted into our acceleration program. If accepted, we reccomend an applicant receive a Startup Visa from IRCC to expedite the permanent residency process.

At Planet Hatch, we connect early-stage startups with resources and tools to take their idea to commercial reality. This includes a business acceleration program, a program for growth-stage companies, coaching, mentoring, funding, and collaborative space. With these programs and resources we have helped over 30 businesses and together they have raised upwards of $5.4 million.

Planet Hatch was accepted as the New Brunswick accelerator to implement the Startup Visa Program and is only one of three in Atlantic Canada. This program will not only promote business growth and development in our region but also ensure that we are gaining some of the smartest and most driven entrepreneurs in the world.



Your First Steps

Participate in Planet Hatch's One-Hour Startup Visa Webinar

The webinar will cover topics like what it is, whether or not you qualify, how to apply, the process and answer other questions you may have. Don't wait!



Be Ready to Demo​nstrate:

Customer Traction and Market Validation

Do you have customers? Are they paying? Do you have any signed partnerships? If yes, how many and who? Have you done a Market Research of the North American Market? Do you understand the market you are hoping to enter? Have you made industry connections? What are your addressable market segments? Who are your competitors?

Business Model & Scalability

What are your distribution channels? What are your expected customer acquisition strategies? What is your revenue model?

Prototype & MVP

Are you able to demonstrate to us what you have built thus far? Do you have control of the IP? Is your idea result of reserach at university level? Note: We are not accepting business in ideation phase.


Is your business in the knowledge industry such as IT, biotechnology and life sciences, aerospace and defence, advance manufacturing and design or clean technology?


Who is part of your founding team? What skills are available in your team? Do you have a cross-functional founding team? Is your team coachable?
We want to make sure your team will be the right fit for our program. These requirements are set in place to ensure you can make the most of our mentorship programs and resources. Aside from this list of requirements, we are also looking for other qualities that make great entrepreneurs. We want to see that you are a hard-working, persevering, and diligent team; you not only have made a viable business, but you will put forth the effort and time necessary to continue to grow.


If this sounds like you, and you are an immigrant entrepreneur looking to start your business in our region, then please fill out the expression of interest form below.